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Diving at Hikkaduwa in Hikkaduwa

Diving at Hikkaduwa

Diving at Hikkaduwa

Wreck Conch The Conch is a wreck that is situated at a depth of about 21metres and is an old oil tanker. It is considered as one of the world's first oil tankers , built in the 1800s for the Shell oil company. On her way to Madras from Novorossisk she went down after hitting a rock.Travelling time to the site by boat is 20 minutes. Diving depth is 14.22 metres. Divers can swim to the ship.
Wrecks of Ship Earl of Shaftsbury This is an English ship that sank in 1847. The area is studded with beautiful corals . Full of tropical fish such as rays and Barracuda. Travelling time is 15 minutes; depth 15m.
Seenigamagala Rock - Filled withmarine life. Divers can see big fish such as Barracuda Moray eel and Rays.
Kirala Gala - This site has a lot of underwater corals. Tropical fish such as groupers, jack fish, snappers, are roaming around the soft corals. Some divers even get to see whale sharks and dolphins. Travelling time is 10 minutes. Depth 18-35 metres. This is a deep rift dive.
Black Coral Point - Lots of fish such as clown fish, angel fish, snappers and black corals can be seen. Travelling time is 5 minutes. Depth 20-35 metres.
The Rock of Hikkaduwa - This is a deep rift dive. The area is covered with coral reef. Marine life and tropical water fish such as Barracuda, snappers, lobsters swim through the corals. Travelling time is 5 minutes. Depth is 2-21m.
Yak Muththagala - This is translated to be The rock of Demon Grand Father. Corals and colourful fish underneath rifter barriers and rocks can be seen. Travelling time 10 minutes. Depth 8-22 minutes.
Kadawaragala - This rock is named after the legendary God Kadawara who can influence the good as well as the evil to any ones life according to merits, or acts she or he may create. According to legend the God Kadawara sailed to Sri Lanka in a stoned boat and landed near this rock. Travelling time 20 minutes. Depth 6-15m.

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