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Thivanka Image House in Polonnaruwa

Thivanka Image House

Thivanka Image House

The Tivanka Image House may be the old Jetavanaramaya at Polonnaruwa, constructed by King Parakramabahu I. It was identified by H. C. P. Bell as “Demala Maha Seya”, when it was excavated and conserved by him..
The Headless Buddha Statue is in the Tri-bangha posture (bent at three places- knee, waist and the shoulder); Prof. Paranavithana named the building as Tivanka Image House..
The shrine room, originally with a vaulted roof, is 123 feet long and 67 feet in breadth..
King Parakramabahu II (1236 – 1270) of Dambadeniya is said to have done repairs to the building during his period..
The ‘entresol’ of the shrine room walls consists of Kataka Stories of the previous lives of the Buddha, the ‘vestibule’ consists of figures of Gods and deities paying homage to the Buddha and the ‘sanctum’ the stories relating to the present life of the Buddha after Enlightenment including the Sankissa ladder scene, Boating scene and few others.
The building is now covered with a temporary roof.

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