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Diyatha Uyana
Diyatha Uyana

By Risidra Mendis
A place with a peaceful environment, suitable for a family outing, maybe a picnic, or even for those looking for a quiet place to study – would best describe the park built on the banks of the Diyawanna Oya.
Named Diyatha Uyana, this park has since its inception, attracted people from all over the country apart from those living in the vicinity. The lush greenery and the peaceful environment as the waters of the Diyawanna Oya flow placidly, in addition to the water fountain close by, have provided the public with an ideal place in which to unwind, whatever time of day.
The park was created on a marshy land between the Parliament complex and the Diyawanna Oya at the Polduwa junction, to enhance the beauty of the city of Sri Jayewardenepura, Kotte, near Battaramulla. A reservoir was also built close to the Water's Edge Hotel to take in rain water so as to prevent floods during monsoonal rains.
As one passes the Diyawanna Oya one cannot help but notice the green garden chairs placed in strategic locations for the public to relax in, take the weight off their feet, and enjoy the surroundings.

Boat rides on the Diyawanna Oya is yet another facility offered to the public together with a floating restaurant that provides a variety of food and drinks at competitive prices.

The floating restaurant is a hospitality venture under the aegis of the Sri Lanka Navy (SLN), and is well equipped. It is ideal for receptions, weddings and corporate events.

The SLN, in building this restaurant, has ensured that all the features are in place to make it comfortable to those who wish to avail themselves of the facilities on offer, while also ensuring the clients would be safe, on board. The official caterer is the Water's Edge Hotel. Those interested in experiencing this novel concept can enjoy a relaxing meal while afloat in the scenic waters of the Diyawanna Oya.

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